Spring Fever (week of  11 September)

Wear flowers in your hair or throw on a colourful lei. Let’s bring some spring colour to class this week. We can dance away winter and look forward to a beautiful summer.

Line dancing on a Wednesday morning at 10am to 11.30am

This class is designed for beginners or anyone looking for a medium paced workout. Routines are easy but challenging enough to get that brain going.

Zumba is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.30am. Check out the class times on this website.

Hello Everyone

The winter bugs going around have been awful. So here is hoping that we have got rid of them all with spring upon us. The blossoms and daffodils are looking beautiful at the moment.

As a big thanks to all my classes, I am offering a concession for Zumba gold classes. This applies to new members as well as regulars

10 class card purchase for $60

This is for September 2017 only. Offer expires on 30 September 2017.

You can buy as many as you like.

This does not apply to the 5 class card

A big huge thanks to everyone for attending classes. We are getting great numbers at the moment. I am so grateful.

The new hall for Zumba on a Thursday at the Methodist Church in Hastings is fabulous. It has a beautiful wooden floor and is big enough for everyone and more.

There is a very high stage. I think as I have got older the stage seem to get higher, but oh what a view. I could see everyone on Thursday morning.

Our first class was a large one. Plenty of space to really get your groove on. A big thanks goes out to Denise for doing all the organising and running around for me. Very appreciated. The class has also picked up in numbers and there is still enough space for everyone. This class is at 9.30am. 100 Hastings St South

The cafe is not far away. We have gone back to the Club Hastings Cafe. There is ample parking and only 2 blocks away.

Other class times are as below:-

Tuesday 9.30am Hastings Baptist Church Hall

Wednesday  10am Taradale Senior Citizens Hall

Thursday 9.30am Wesley Hall, Methodist Church, 100 Hastings St S, Hastings


 zumba lunch off the track dec 2012 5 JPG






Thank you

Love to you all and happy dancing



Get Up, Get Down

Sitting all day puts great pressure on your spine. Keep oxygen flowing to your muscles by stretching throughout the day. Stand up,  and show off a new dance move

Skirt Day (2)IMG_3386Skirt Day (2)